Talent Augmentation

We match great talent with great businesses

We are not in the staffing or hiring business. We are in the matchmaking. We say that because providing /hiring staff and matchmaking take two very different approaches and attitudes. We believe in working hard upfront in the hiring process to find the right fit than trying to retrofit a staff to the client needs and make a quick buck. We believe in staying engaged with the clients and our talent than to practically forget about them until push comes to the shove. We believe it is more important to take care of our talent’s long term wellbeing and growth than to only care about short term business objectives.

This is because we want long-lasting relationships. Between client company and us. Between the client company and the talent they hire from us. Between our talent and us. We do not want anyone to start considering parting ways every six months.

We have learnt that an effective way to that is for everyone to keep getting better at what they do. If talent keeps getting better at its craft, client company keeps getting better at providing a great work environment and we keep getting better at matchmaking and counselling, long lasting relationship is a natural consequence.

So how do we keep getting better?

  • We continuously tailor our screening process as per the client’s changing needs and work culture. Clients get to see only the talent which is worth their time and consideration.
  • We keep scouting for client’s potential talent needs all the time and keep a pipeline of talent ready. That leads to a shorter turnaround time in onboarding. As a result, clients can expand their capacity in no time whenever needed.
  • We continuously endorse our talent for pro-active self-learning so that they can become future leaders in the client organization. Moreover , clients get to quickly shrink their capacity whenever required without any hard feelings as talent always remains in demand.
  • We keep growing our network of operations globally so that no matter which location talent is in, they can always come on board. We own the headache of travel and immigration.

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