Product Management

Product Management

  • Planning (Product Vision & Strategy)

    Product Vision

    We assist you in clearly defining your product vision in alignment with your company mission. We learn about your customers and what you wish to accomplish on behalf of them. We understand the problem space using the JTBD framework to derive key high-level customer outcomes.

    Product Strategy

    We then help you formulate the product strategy by clearly outlining the product outcomes using the OKR framework. The opportunities are then devised and prioritized culminating in an overall product strategy.

  • Execution (Product Discovery and Product Delivery)

    We fill an interim Product Management role via continuously driving product discovery and product delivery processes at your organization. As we go along, we work on refining your product discovery and product delivery tools and techniques.

    Product Discovery

    We engage with your technical and design teams to drive product discovery. We continuously tackle prioritized opportunities and discover solutions for them via iterative experimentation. We finalize solutions to build via working on minimizing value risk, usability risk, viability risk and business risk by running.

    Product Delivery

    In parallel, we drive the delivery process with your delivery team for the solutions that come out of the product discovery. We play the role of a product owner and work on delivering these solutions preferably in an agile fashion.

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