GA4 session count higher than UA360


Are you concerned about higher session counts after migrating from UA360 to GA4?

It is expected.

Here is why.

  1. Measurement Methodology: GA4 utilizes an event-driven model for data collection, focusing on user interactions as events rather than page views. That means a better understanding of user engagement across various touchpoints, potentially capturing interactions previously not tracked in UA360.
  2. Enhanced Tracking Capabilities: GA4 introduces advanced tracking mechanisms such as enhanced measurement, which enables automatic event tracking for common user interactions like page scrolls, video views, and file downloads. These additional events can contribute to higher session counts in GA4 compared to UA360, where such interactions might have been overlooked or manually implemented.
  3. Cross-Platform Tracking: With the proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing complexity of user journeys spanning multiple platforms and devices, GA4 emphasizes cross-platform tracking to provide a holistic view of user behavior. This comprehensive tracking approach may capture sessions that were previously fragmented or attributed to different sources in UA360, leading to a higher overall session count.
  4. Sampling Differences: UA360 employs a sampling methodology for large datasets, where a subset of data is used to estimate metrics. In contrast, GA4 utilizes a more precise data processing mechanism, potentially leading to differences in session counts, especially in scenarios where sampling in UA360 might have underestimated session volume.

In conclusion, the variance in session counts between GA4 and UA360 is a natural consequence of the evolution of analytics technology and the adoption of advanced tracking methodologies.

While it may initially seem unexpected, this difference underscores the enhanced tracking capabilities and improved data accuracy offered by GA4.

By embracing these differences and leveraging the unique insights provided by GA4, businesses and marketers can gain a deeper understanding of user behaviour and optimize their digital strategies accordingly.

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